Live high–train low guided by daily heart rate variability in elite Nordic-skiers.

Schmitt L - Willis S.J - Fardel A - Coulmy N - Millet G.P.

2017 - Eur J Appl Physiol  weblink



Technical Alterations during an Incremental Field Test in Elite Male Tennis Players.

 Cyril Brechbuhl - Olivier Girard - Grégoire P Millet - Laurent Schmitt 

 April 2017 - Medicine and science in sports and exercise weblink



Minimal Window Duration for Accurate HRV Recording in Athletes.

 Bourdillon N - Schmitt L - Yazdani S - Millet G.

August 2017 - Frontiers in Physiology weblink



Hypoxic dose, intensity distribution and fatigue monitoring are paramount for "live high-train low" effectiveness.

 Brocherie F - Schmitt L - Millet G.

June 2017 - European Journal of Applied Physiology weblink



Do male athletes with already high initial hemoglobin mass benefit from ‘live high–train low’ altitude training?

 Hauser A - Troesh S - Steiner T - Brocherie F - Girard O - Saugy J - Schmitt L - Millet G - Wehrlin J.

October 2017 - Experimental Physiology weblink



Individual hemoglobin mass response to normobaric and hypobaric "live high-train low": A one-year crossover study.

 Hauser A - Troesh S - Saugy J - Schmitt L - Cejuela R - Faiss R - Steiner T - Robinson N - Milelt G - Wehrlin J.

May 2017 - Journal of Applied Physiologyweblink



Acute and chronic changes in baroreflex sensitivity in hypobaric vs. normobaric hypoxia.

 Bourdillon N - Saugy J - Schmitt L - Millet G.

September 2017 - European Journal of Applied Physiologyweblink

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